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The Komodo Platform focuses on providing complete end-to-end blockchain solutions for developers of any level and any industry. It is simple yet powerful, offering customized blockchain solutions that are easy to deploy, and configurable to meet your needs.

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These are official Komodo wallets that support KMD.

Komodo Platform Website

Komodod - Komodo CLI Daemon

Komodo nSPV Superlite wallet

Verus desktop Agama

KomodoOceanQT Desktop Wallet

Unofficial Komodo Wallets

These are unofficial Komodo wallets that support KMD.

Verus Enhanced Desktop Agama

Verus Mobile

Verus Paper

Chainzilla Chameleon Pay mobile Wallet

Pungo mobile Wallet

Pungo Web Wallet

Utrum desktop Wallet

Utrum web Wallet

Redfox mobile Wallet

CoinCollect mobile Wallet

Vidulum web Wallet

Zelcore Desktop Wallet

Magnum web Wallet

Guarda web Wallet

Guarda mobile Wallet

Guarda Desktop Wallet

Guarda Chrome Extension Wallet

Ledger Hardware Wallet

nSPV pywallet

AtomicDEX Resources

AtomicDEX orderbooks

DexStats Orderbooks

Komodod Orderbooks

HybridDex Beta Site

DEX API provider Daemon

v1.0 source code

v2.0 source code (in development)

AtomicDEX Official Mobile App

HyperDEX (3rd party) - Very user friendly interface for Marketmaker v2.0

Chainswap (3rd Party) -Marketmaker v2.0 based Desktop DEX App


PytomicDEX Desktop browser based with Arbitrage Bot and API CEX trading

Komodo (KMD) Explorers







Code Libraries

Nothing here...yet!

Nothing here...yet!

kmdgo Source Code

kmdgo Documentation

kmdgo Examples

Nothing here...yet!

Nothing here...yet!


Nothing here...yet!

Proof of Concept Apps

These are applications that are focused on general Antara modules or custom consensus

Komodo's Antara Composer

TUI for various CC modules written in Python

Notary Node information and Stats

Notary Node election information and Stats

The Assets Module provides basic distributed exchange (DEX) functionality for trading tokens created using the Tokens module. The Asset Module allows anyone to buy or sell tokens using the Smart Chain's coins.

Assets CC documentation

Pokemon NFTs

Assets CC TUI in Python

Buy/Sell NFT Rogue Characters line 1527-1915

KOGS is the first mobile blockchain game with the entire backend being programmed on the blockchain

Chat CC is a module that allows for on chain chatting and messaging

On chain real time chat for KMD Smart Chains

On chain TrollBox in Browser

The Channels Antara Module facilitates instant payments in a trustless environment. When a payment is executed properly with channels, as soon as it enters the mempool the odds that the payment can be withdrawn or attacked decrease to almost zero. Many developers and users may find the Channels Module to be an advantageous method for creating a secure instant-payment network that can be used within their business environment. It supports both coins and tokens.

Channels CC documentation

Channels Instant Payment Mechanism

Coda is a very ambitious constant size blockchain project. yes, constant size regardless of how many transactions. combination of merkle roots and zksnark proofs.

Constant Blockchain Size

DEXP2P works as realtime decentralised p2p orderbook and millions of orders can be displayed without clogging down the p2p network. While this is a great solution for atomicDEX orderbook, it opens door for many new possibilities. One of them is live streaming of video or any other files.

Fully decentralized p2p orderbook

TechLover Broadcasting Stream

DEXP2P Realtime betting app

Enhanced Peer to Peer data broadcast and synchronisation

P2P Filesharing written in Python

The Dice CC creates an on chain dealer with realtime response by the dealer node, but also having a way to resolve bets if the dealer node is not online. The dice CC contract shows how to build in such a challenge/response mechanism.

Dice CC documentation

DiceBets, Web based KMDDICE wallet and game

KMDice, desktop wallets to place decentralized dice game

DiceCC GUI in Python

KMDice Remote GUI Windows

The Dilithium Antara Module facilitates quantum-resistant transactions on a Komodo Smart Chain. The module also allows users to create unique, human-readable handles. These handles can be thought of as an address.

Dilithium documentation

Dilitium Quantum Security Article

Dilitium Quantum Security Tutorial

The Faucet Antara Module enables anyone to fund an on-chain faucet on any chain where modules are enabled.

Faucet CC documentation

Faucet CC Tutorial

Live Faucet Using PoW to prevent spamming

These are some different gaming capabilities on Komodo, there are also other CCs that are Games themselves like Sudoku and Rogue

Antara gaming SDK

The Gateway Antara Module allows the user to facilitate, manage, and trade tokenized representations of foreign blockchain assets. For example, a user is able to deposit their real-world BTC into a monitored address on the Bitcoin blockchain. Then, on the Gateways-enabled Smart Chain, the ownership of this BTC is tokenized. Only the owner of the token has the right to withdraw the BTC to a chosen address. The user that made the deposit can use the token either for asset trading, or for other creative purposes. This allows the Gateways-enabled Smart Chain to feature secure, on-chain, high-speed trading.

Gateways CC Documentation

Gateways CC Tutorial

Gateways CC Creation TUI in Python

Gateways CC Usage TUI in Python

The Heir Antara Module allows cryptocurrency funds to be passed on as an inheritance. The module functions by the means of a special 1 of 2 Antara address. In this type of address there are two private keys that are capable of spending funds from the address. However, only the first private key may spend funds by default. This first private key belongs to the owner of the 1 of 2 Antara address. The owner may use this key to freely spend funds and also to add more funds to the address. Should the owner fail to interact with the 1 of 2 Antara address for a specified period of time, the address automatically unlocks to the second key. This second key is owned by the heir. Once unlocked, both the creator and the heir may freely spend funds from the address.

Heirs CC Documentation

Heirs CC Tutorial

Simplified Heirs CC example

Marmara is a Smart Chain that is developing a peer-to-peer credit based money creation system

Marmara CreditLoop

Marmara CreditLoop Explainer Article

Marmara TUI in Python

Marmara Paper

The Crosschain API allows a user to transfer (or "migrate") assets from one chain to another. Compatible forms of assets include coins and tokens. The fundamental principle of migration is that a specific amount of assets are burned in the source chain and then the same specific amount of assets are created on the destination chain.

CrossChain API MoMoM

MoMoM Scalability - Road to 1M tx/s

Notarized Migration, dPoW with MoMoM

The MuSig Antara Module implements a new type of multi-signature functionality. MuSig allows a blockchain to process multi-signature transactions in a more data-efficient manner. MuSig also keeps private the number of signers partaking in a multi-signature transaction.

Musig Module Tutorial

Musig Module documentation

The Oracles Antara Module allows a user to make off-chain data available on-chain. This enables developers to create and use software that responds to off-chain information and events. Those who publish data to an oracle are called publishers. There is a fee-based model to serve as an incentive for publishers.

Oracles CC documentation

Oracles CC Tutorial

Live demo of Oracles CC module

GPS tracking a wandering hound with Particle.io via Komodo cryptoconditions oracles, displayed on Leaflet. Source code

Oracles/Dragonhound website

Oracle Creator via Browser

List of Active Oracles

Oracles CC TUI in Python

Oracles CC TrollBox in Python (Chat)

The Payments Module allows a payment to be distributed between multiple recipients in a pre-defined proportion.

Payments CC TUI in Python

The Pegs Antara Module is a mechanism for creating a decentralized stablecoin. A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency that has a financial value that is "pegged" to another asset. Stablecoins can be used in a Smart Chain environment to allow users to buy, sell, and trade with on-chain assets that mimic off-chain prices. For example, a stablecoin can be pegged to a common fiat currency, such as USD or EUR. The stablecoin can also mimic stocks, external cryptocurrencies, and other assets, so long as reliable price-data can be accessed through an online application programming interface (API).

Pegs CC Documentation

Pegs CC User Tutorial

Pegs CC Creator Tutorial

Pegs Explainer

Pegs CC Creation TUI in Python

Pegs CC Usage TUI in Python

The Prices Antara Module offers a decentralized and incentivized margin-trading system on a Smart Chain. This allows users to open long and short leveraged positions against the "House" (the module itself). A player opens a position with the desired betting amount and leverage. They can close the position anytime and receive the current equity that is in a non-negative state. When the debt ratio of a player is close to exceeding the allowed limits, other players on the network can liquidate the indebted player's account. The liquidating players thereby receive as an incentive a small percentage of the indebted player's holdings.

Prices CC Documentation

Synthetic Prices Betting Game

Prices CC App2 in Python

Prices CC Visualization in Python

Prices CC Rekt Inspector in Python

Live Synthetic Price Feed

Live Synthetic Price Feed 2

The Rewards Antara Module creates a master-node like rewards program, giving a user the ability to earn rewards by locking coins. It features configurable parameters, such as a customizable monthly reward, minimum deposit, a required holding period,etc. There can be many rewards plans active at any given time.

Rewards CC Documentation

The Rogue Antara module serves as a proof-of-concept to demonstrate Antara's capabilities as a blockchain-based gaming technology. The core aspects of Rogue gameplay occur on the blockchain. These aspects include such data as character health points, items, movement, attacks, and other relevant game states. Komodo's Rogue implementation makes use of the classic on-screen visual representation of gameplay. This interface relies on ASCII characters to represent characters, items, and other in-game objects and actions.

Rogue Module Documentation

Rogue Module Tutorial

Rogue Game TUI in Python

Rogue Game another TUI Python

The Sudoku Antara Module serves as a proof-of-concept to demonstrate Antara's capabilities as a blockchain-based gaming technology. The Sudoku Module is based on the classic game, Sudoku

Sudoku CC Documentation

Sudoku Game GUI

Subatomic swaps, as opposed to Atomic Swaps, are a process of swapping coins with a "semi-trusted" individual. Normally if you do an OTC trade with someone one of you has to send an amount and then the other does the same, this is risky, so you reduce the amounts being sent. If we want to swap $100 of two different coins, we could do 100 $1 swaps so that the most that is at risk at any time is $1 (ex. I send you $1 and you decide not to send me $1 of another coin) of course this means 100 TX fees on each chain, and confirmation times for each chain, which would take a long time and is a pain to do 100 TX manually. So instead we can automate the 100 txs to be done and automatically check to see if the other amount was sent. Instead of doing each part on chain, we do all the parts in a Channel CC. Which is fee-less besides deposit and withdrawals and near instant.

Subatomic Swaps Guide

Subatomic Swaps Python GUI

Subatomic Swaps GO GUI

The Tetris Antara Module serves as a proof-of-concept to demonstrate Antara's capabilities as a blockchain-based gaming technology. The Tetris Module is based on the classic game, Tetris

Tetris CC TUI in Python


Komodo Official Documentation

MarketMaker v2.0 API documentation

Antara Gaming SDK Documentation

Mining Resources

All Komodo Smart Chains mining profitability

What to Mine KMD

KMD solopool

Mining Pool stats KMD


KMD Monster


KMD Luckpool

Ecosystem Projects and Companies

At ChainZilla, our formula to boost business has four key ingredients: people, processes, technology, and innovation.For over 2 years, our team has helped projects develop applications, websites, proof-of-concepts, and business-critical software.

Our business is to learn your business, understand the needs and expectations of its users. Each solution we create is made after careful evaluation and knowledge of our detailed discovery process.ChainZilla also offers web and blockchain consulting in Panama.

It allows companies and individuals to launch blockchains, web pages, all kinds of applications effortlessly. Our goal is to become the standard for blockchain implementation, proof of concept and web development in Panama.

Our blockchain consulting service includes networks such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, NEM, Quorum, and Komodo.

Utrum is a Crypto Playbook to find Comprehensive Information | Quality Reviews | Market Predictions | Insights | In-depth Reports | News and Events of every Crypto Project

Contributor content is voted by all community members through "trial by jury" process. Members will not have any social influence as voting process is "Blind", and members rely purely on their conscience.

To mitigate manipulation and fraudulent practices, Artificial Intelligence (A.I) is integrated in the voting process with the support of community moderators.

The contributor and voting rewards are paid in Utrum coin OOT. Members posts are secured on Utrum Native Blockchain.

Chainmakers makes it easy to understand blockchains for your exact business needs, and simplifies the process to launch and customize your own independent blockchain(s) using Komodo Platform.

Komodo Platform has established an unmatched blockchain foundation to serve entrepreneurs and businesses looking to leverage blockchain technology to bolster the success of their ideas.

Though Komodo has created the world’s best and most innovative blockchain solutions (Agama, JUMBLr, HyperDEX, Blockchain Generator, dICO, dPOW, Smart Contracts and more), our research shows that navigating the world of blockchains can intimidate early adopters given its steep learning curve

Chainmakers’ mission is to streamline the process of deploying your own custom, independent blockchain(s), and to ensure that you have zero knowledge gaps on how to utilize Komodo’s end-to-end blockchain solutions to secure and accelerate the growth of your business today.

RedFOX Labs builds out and incubates market leading business models in emerging markets. Our unique build out incubator model enhances proven business models by refining, customising and integrating open source blockchain technologies, resulting in ready to launch, market leading applications.

Powered by the latest technology offerings from open source blockchain project Komodo Platform.

Our unique build-out incubator model delivers market leading, purpose built applications from the ground up.

We partner with industry experts to offer support, collaboration and commitment from beginning to end.

A fully scalable and customizable test bed for testing and developing your Komodo (KMD) based assetchains and Crypto-Conditions contracts, KMDLabs provides an incentivized test network, technical services and a support knowledge base.

KMDLabs’ ease of use and rapid deployment allow projects of any technical level or size a place to experiment with the depth of Komodo and Crypto-Conditions technology.

Testing is conducted on the KMDLabs fungible cluster. Additional fungible and non-fungible chains and clusters can be added as needed for more customized or private development. It is possible for these chains to be notarized to the Bitcoin blockchain through the main Komodo (KMD) chain using Komodo’s Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW).

Pungo has been around since 2017 and it's made of several companies in different jurisdictions, with a passionated team behind it.

As regulatory frameworks advance, we plan to work closely to keep everything compliant and find best opportunites.

We are focused on delivering the best product experience to the community and devoted to build fair & peer based economies.

With Pungo Cash you can send funds anywhere and deposit and withdraw funds directly in +35 countries

We are an association of people with a common interest in Komodo Platform and entrepreneurship. We are on a mission to help bootstrap small community projects and initiatives.

Many of us work full time in the blockchain industry, some even for the Komodo project.

We are all part of the great Komodo community and you can find us from the Discord channels.

The coming digitized world is all about entrepreneurship. Let us know about your project.

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